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Watch Rick and Morty Season 1 episode 1


Rick in a drunken state takes his grandson Morty for a ride in his flying car and rambles on about how he plans to use a neutrino bomb to wipe out all life on Earth. Rick lands the vehicle on Morty’s demand and passes out. The bomb activates by itself and seems to be left unchecked. But ultimately it is shown that life on Earth remains intact. After having breakfast with their family. Rick takes Morty to another dimension to collect seeds of Mega Trees which Morty is forced to hide in his own rectum to get past intergalactic customs.

However, Rick and Morty’s cover is blown and they escape while engaging in a shootout with alien insects. The seeds briefly cause Morty to be highly intelligent. Despite the fact that he missed a semester of school because he’s been in adventures with Rick. This causes his parents to believe he is fine with his education but this wastes the seeds. Rick informs Morty that they need to go back and get more while their aftereffects leave Morty writhing on the floor.

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Rick and Morty Season 1 Full episodes

As you know Rick is a mad scientist and Morty is his own grandson. They travel around the world, galaxy and universe including alternate reality and dimensions. He always takes Morty with him for his adventures where as Morty is not an adventure kid. He wants to spends his life in a normal way like going to school having good time with friends. And his love Jessica who he is in madly love with. Where as rick on the other hand takes Morty with him for his adventures weather he like it or not and drags him forcefully.

This animated series is a Sci-fi comedy where you will be able to laugh with no limits enjoying the show more than ever. You can go to all types of realities that you have ever imagined in your mind. After you watch this series you may also arise some questions with in yourself What if?

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